Leaked Events and Challenges Fortnite Week 4.

Leaked Events and Challenges Fortnite Week 4.

Leaked Events and Challenges Fortnite Week 4.

We recently welcomed the New Year 2019 and it’s time to be prepared. That’s what Developers at Epic Games are. Prepared. You also be prepared for the upcoming week of challenges and events unfolding atFortnite’s 14 days challenge series.Leaked Events and Challenges Fortnite Week 4
Epic Games is all set to make your New Year celebrations much more interesting, as recently on Twitter, the forthcoming events for 14-day challenge series were leaked. So you should buckle up and get prepared to take those juicy one-time rewards which will make your in-game experience more fun and fabulous.

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In the latest 7.10 update, Fortnite has introduced the 14 days challenge in which players are required to accomplish a new task every day for 14 days. If the player accomplishes the assigned task in the stipulated time, he is awarded one-time exclusive rewards.

These rewards include emotes, bag skins or a new pet in Fortnite which in turn makes your in-game character much more fun to interact with. So don’t miss this opportunity of grabbing such an awesome reward. Moreover, these events are fun and straightforward to accomplish. In order to avail free seasonal rewards to enhance your in-game experience, you must participate in these daily challenges. The leak for week four challenge and events was possible due to the release of the latest patch for Fortnite. It facilitates players to create various speculations and guesses.

According to rumors floating around the upcoming events and challenges, these are going to be huge and will provide players with an extra motive for indulging in this addictive game.

It is believed that there are gonna be three major events accessible to all Fortnite players and four events are privileged to only those players that have the Battle Pass.

The three events which are available to all players consist of various tasks, though pretty easy to accomplish. The first event will indulge players in destroying chairs while playing the match. You would also collect additional resources to boost up your wall strength and to create much stronger defensive structures.

It is believed that the second event would be a letter hunting trail. Players have to search for different letters across various map locations to finish this task. You will find the letters in the below-given locations:

Pleasant park: For this, you have to travel west of Pleasant park and search for the letter (O).

Wailing Woods: In the Wailing woods, You are required to hunt for the letter (S).

Dusty Divot: Head over to Dusty Divot. Here, look for the letter (N).

Frozen Lake: You are required to search for the letter (N) in the Frozen Lake.

This event is somewhat similar to the Goose nest task of day six in which you had to collect six goose eggs alongside the river bank.

The third task is to deal damage to your opponent using your pickaxe. This task is simple and challenging at the same time, as you have to go really close to your opponent in order to deal more damage to them. As the pickaxe is a close-range weapon, it makes the player vulnerable to attack from a sniper or automatic rifle. So needless to say, you have to be quite cautious in order to accomplish this task.
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There are some exclusive events which are accessible only to Battle Pass players. Some of the leaks on these events are not confirmed and are subject to speculations. Battle pass challenges may include eliminating enemies at various Expedition Outposts and Killing your opponents at a specific location like the Happy Hamlet.

Some leaks suggest that there can be the inclusion of an event that involves Fireworks. This could be a special event for New Year eve to make the in-game environment much more engaging and celebratory. Also, there could be a task associated with flying an X-4 plane in different modes. It remains to be seen if Epic games have included any more extensions or if they have a plan to include any other content, but it is for sure that Fortnite is gonna rock the New Year celebrations by providing exciting and mind-blowing events and rewards for their users.office.com/setup


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