Ideal no cost Adobe Reader substitutes for  Windows.

Ideal no cost Adobe Reader substitutes for  Windows.

Ideal no cost Adobe Reader substitutes for  Windows.

Quality PDF reading applications are often required by the users but mostly web browsing programs fulfill the basic PDF reading requirements, therefore the demand for free PDF readers like  Adobe Acrobat is diminishing. Adobe Reader has been used profusely as the software to display  PDFs for a fair amount of time but the problem with it is that it’s a  bit slow and heavy weighted. And, to access its advanced features, the user has to pay a hefty amount. Ideal no cost Adobe Reader substitutes for Windowsinstall office

A vast majority of Windows systems come with their own free version of Adobe Reader. But, if you don’t have it or want to shift to another one, then there is a wide range of options to choose from. Without further delay, let’s list the best five Adobe Reader alternatives for your Windows system.


Best 5 PDF Readers for Windows system


1- SumatraPDF


SumatraPDF is a light-weight open source. The user can download and install it on his PC. Other than being a PDF reader, it also supports various other formats like EPUB, Mobi, XPS, etc. This application is lucid and basic. It doesn’t have advanced functions or edition options. Nevertheless,  it is very quick and is loaded with keyboard shortcuts. Therefore, if the user needs a PDF reader that is simplistic but quick, then SumatraPDF is the best suited  Adobe Reader substitute for


2- Nitro PDF Reader


Nitro PDF reader is an incredible and very powerful PDF reader available for no cost. It contains essential features and tools. It comes with an arrangement or annotation and text formatting functions. It can be used for viewing and printing documents. If the user wants to share a document with any other party, then he can add comments at the bottom. This makes the collaboration very easy. The documents cannot be edited, but there are several formatting options which users can make use of for highlighting, underlining, and striking through text. In general, it is a flexible PDF reader.


3- Foxit Reader


Foxit Reader is another famous alternative to Adobe Reader. What makes the Foxit PDF Reader famous is the fact that it can load documents at a very high speed. The users do not have to experience lag that comes from the loading of plug-ins. Compared withAdobe reader Foxit is more lightweight. In addition to viewing PDFs, the users can create them without paying a single penny. Also, you can add your own shortcuts to the Quick Action Toolbar which is located in the upper left-hand corner.


4- Slim PDF


Created by the, SlimPDF Reader is among the most packed down and lightweight Adobe Reader alternatives. Even though it does not support editing and annotating functions but it is primarily created for viewing PDF documents on the go. If you just need to go through a document and don’t want to edit it, then this PDF reader is the most convenient for you. It barely takes any disk space and won’t cause your Windows 10 system to work sluggishly ever. You get to rotate pages, change the view, bookmark, and zoom in or zoom-out. The UI of Slim PDF is pretty good and straightforward. You will have to undergo the registration process if you want to use


5- PDF-XChange Editor


PDF-XChange Editor is one of the greatest Adobe Reader substitutes available for Windows. It lets it’s users to split PDF documents, change and edit them, etc. Users can highlight, select, and strike out texts. Also, it supports extraction from PDF files. PDF-XChange Editor is an amazing choice for converting documents between different formats. You can also customize the toolbar and change the way looks.


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