What You Should Know About Facebook Portal and Portal Plus.

What You Should Know About Facebook Portal and Portal Plus.

What You Should Know About Facebook Portal and Portal Plus.

What’sgetting more and more popular these days is Smart Displays. Amazon, Google, and Apple have been a part of the “Smart speaker with a screen” and “Digital assistant” for a while now. Recently, Facebook joined the tide with its very own smart display devices called Portal and Portal Plus.

Facebook’s smart displays are made primarily for the purpose of video calls and they come with Alexa along with Facebook’s “Hey, Portal” command.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dig deeper and check out features of this Portal.

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What can you do with Facebook Portal and Portal Plus?

By using this smart display, you can video chat with your friends on Facebook. The Portal device offers a convenient way of video chatting with people.

You can place it anywhere and the camera shifts on its own depending upon the user’s movement. Hence, you do not have to reposition the device constantly. Therefore, you can do a video conference with people fully hands-free while you are cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry or working on the computer.

One of the most distinctive features of this smart display is that when the user is present in a place that is crowded, then the camera pans and zooms to focus on the user. Moreover, it comes with a voice-amplifying mic.Facebook Portal and Portal Plus.


How to make video calls on Portal?

Well, one of the first doubts that comes to the mind regarding Portal is that who can a person contact on a video call? Well, with the help of a Portal device people can make video calls to anybody who uses Facebook Messenger. Both parties involved do not compulsorily need to have a Portal.

To make video calls, choose the person you want to call, and just command the device to make the call. The feature of group video call hosts up to 7 users at one time.

While you are on call, there is a variety of stuff you can do. You cannot only experiment with the various Augmented Reality masks, but you can also use Spotify or Pandora in order to share songs.

Moreover, it comes with a unique storytime mode feature. With the help of this feature, elder relatives can read out stories laced with graphics, animations, and sound effects to children.

Powerful Speakers.

Portal Plus has some pretty powerful speakers. With a good bass, they give competition even to Echo Plus. Music can be streamed from Spotify, Pandora, and hear a radio. For the purpose of video streaming, users can make use of the Food Network along with Facebook Watch.

Where to get it?

You can purchase both of the two new smart displays by Facebook from Facebook itself, from Amazon.com, and fromBestBuy.com online. Also, you can check them out at Amazon Books as well as Best Buy stores. They are available for purchase there as well. The company is offering a massive discount if a person buys two portals at a time.


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