Android Launcher will now have a Digital Health Feature.

Android Launcher will now have a Digital Health Feature.

Android Launcher will now have a Digital Health Feature.


Recently, Microsoft has made the announcement that the company is adding its own digital feature to its Android launcher app. A similar feature to the Android Pie has already been added by Google. Microsoft’s Launcher is now allowing Android users to access the ability to easily track as to how long apps are being used for. By using this heath app, you will be able to track the screen time, app usage and also the amount of time for which you have unlocked your phone. The Microsoft Launcher is supported only on Android 4.2 version and above, so Microsoft has opened the digital health feature which is available for a lot of Android user.Digital Health Feature

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The latest 5.1 updates to the Microsoft Launcher

The latest 5.1 update to the Microsoft Launcher also includes To-Do feature and also provides Sticky Notes integration, which allows users to sync their tasks and also make notes from this app. Microsoft is now planning to add “Hey Cortana” support to provide digital assistance from this Android launcher.


Over the past years, Microsoft is constantly updating its new Android Launcher, which can help the software giant to embrace Android as the mobile version of Windows. Earlier this year, Microsoft added in ‘Family-Focused Features’, and also ‘Support for the Windows 10’ Timeline feature which allows users to resume applications and sites across all devices. Now, Microsoft Launcher 5.1 is immediately available as a beta version that can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store and should also be releasing out to all users across the world in a few weeks from now.


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