7 unknown iPhone Settings you should know.

7 unknown iPhone Settings you should know.

7 unknown iPhone Settings you should know.

Do you think you make the most out of your iPhone? Probably, not. iPhones are laden with features and secret settings that most of the users did not know of. With these unrevealed settings, you can customize your iPhone experience and make your life way easier. Here we will discuss the secret iPhone settings and how to apply them. Thank us later! install office here:www.office.com/setupunknown iPhone Settings you should know

Raise to Wake

Those of you who have an iPhone 6s or later versions,  the Raise to Wake feature is handy. After turning it on, you just have to lift your phone to see the notifications. You will be able to look at the notifications but the screen will stay locked and secure. To enable this mode,  go to the Settings and select Display and Brightness.T hen, turn on the Raise to Wake option.

Prioritize important downloads

Would you like to save up battery? Well instead of updating all the applications at once, you can prioritize your app updates. This feature is especially helpful while setting up a new iPhone. Just locate the application you would like to prioritize and long-press it. Now, just select Prioritize Download and you are good to go.office.com/myaccount


Adjust the flashlight brightness

Even though the iPhone’s inbuilt flash is useful in dark environments but all situations don’t need an intense flash. Thankfully, the brightness of the flash can be adjusted as per situation. In order to increase the flashlight’s intensity, launch the Control Center. Using your finger, swipe upwards from the lower portion of the display. After that, firmly press and hold the flashlight option.

Remove unused apps

Is your iPhone chocked up with too many apps? In order to make the most of storage space, just delete the apps you do not use. Actually, your phone will do it for you. Go to the Settings and select General. Select iPhone Storage and activate the Offload Unused Apps feature. If you want to get the removed app back, just install it again from the App Store.


Quickly select camera mode

The iPhone’s stock Camera app is interesting, and it comes with various modes. However, sometimes users end up missing a neat shot because they were browsing through the different modes. Now, anytime you want to take a picture quickly, just firmly press the Camera button. Now, you can select different modes like Selfie or Slow-motion straight from your iPhone’s Home screen.

Turn text into emoji

Rather than switching through various screens of emojis to locate the most suitable, you can just type and convert it into an emoji. In the Messages app, just input any text, and tap the emoji icon located next to the spacebar. Now, some of the words will get changed with emojis. In order to replace a word with emoji, just press on the orange word and the emoji will replace it. Some words have several emojis, and you can select the one you like.office.com/setup

Find Safari tabs efficiently

Is your Safari browser usually spilling over with tabs?  To locate the tabs easily, just open Safari browser when the iPhone is in the landscape mode. After that, press the tabs icon. A Search Tabs option will be available now.


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