Step 1 is to log in to your office account

The Second phase is where you put your email and password

and in the final step, you enter the details and click “Get Started.”

www.office.com/myaccount or office.com/myaccount

You have the subscription of MS Office and want to look into it? Read on. Because visiting office.com/myaccount. Office.com/myaccount gives you an option of managing the MS Office account. Also, the user can do this anywhere if they have a working internet connection on their device. 
As a user, You can manage the Office product subscriptions from anywhere. This happens by visiting the site and signing in. Afterward, a user downloads and installs the MS office product on their system or device they want to access it on. Users can manage the MS Office account by visiting Office.com/myaccount. 


Microsoft Office 365:

Microsoft Office 365 is one amongst the many products that Microsoft develops with users worldwide. Also, it has features of office 365 allowing users to perform multiple tasks conveniently. Consequently, The user can do this at work or at home. It is one of the best features of MS Office. MS Office 365 subscription includes variants of MS Office like office 2010, 2013 or 2016. Extra benefits attract users adding more to the family. 

If the user wants to activate MS Office 365 on their PC or mobile, the requirement is to have a 25 digit product key or activation code. This is so that no one can break into their office 365. The users need this product key when installing the software. The back cover of the retail card has a unique key. The user can also find it in the mailbox of the registered email id.
The user ought to have an MS account to renew or activate the MS office 365. www.office.com/myaccount
The users can log in to multiple accounts like office 365, Outlook, Hotmail, and Microsoft account. So, Sign up can be done by visiting the office.com/signin or office.com/myaccount

What the User needs to do:

A user needs to follow a stepwise procedure to install the MS Office product on the system or a phone. This is subject to the user having a working internet connection. A user doesn’t need to follow complex steps to download and install the Microsoft Office because they can go to the office.com/myaccount: If the user follows the above-mentioned steps, they should be able to download the Office product on the system easily. And in case of any trouble, the user should contact Microsoft support for the office setup activation issue.www.office.com/myaccount

Before the installation process, the user needs to make sure no previous version is installed on their system because it can create trouble. However, the previous version needs to be uninstalled and then the user can install new on the system.

If the user already has a version of Microsoft office and needs to uninstall it, here is how heir she can uninstall it in few simple steps:

First, Click the start button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Then Select the Control Panel and Click Programs.

Under Programs tab, Click uninstall a program

Now user needs to search the name of the version of MS Office. Then he needs to click the uninstall option.
After waiting for the process to finish, he or she has to restart the device when done.
Now, after successfully restarting the device, a user needs to visit office.com/myaccount where he or she has the account.
After doing so, they need to download the office product.
After successfully downloading the product, run the installation setup. By this, the installation is complete.
These steps work well for almost all users provided they have a compatible system and a working net connection. However, if the users face difficulty during or after the installation process, then they need to visit office.com/setup or www.office.com/setup, office.com/myaccount and download the office setup again and manage the subscription from there only.

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